Hiking The Uinta Mountains

What a wonderful Saturday for a hike! I meandered 40 minutes outside Park City to the Uinta National Forest for an outdoor adventure. The weather was fantastic with temps in the high 50’s up top and some nice cloud cover.

The Lofty Lake Loop is a wonderful day hike filled with more adventures, alpine lakes and flowers than you can imagine.

Today I jumped into Kamas Lake, one of the high alpine lakes, the water was some of the clearest and definitely the coldest I have ever been in. There is definitely a feeling of soul cleansing you feel in an experience like that.

The meadows were just bursting with an array of beautiful colored flowers that ran endlessly. The loop meanders back down to the parking lot mere yards from where I had entered hours before. What a wonderful hike-

High Alpine Lake In Uinta Mountains

Wild Flowers In Full Bloom

Kamas Lake

Meadows Were Just Bursting With Flowers In Full Bloom

A Reminder Of Winter In The High Country


~ by pcpowderhound on July 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Hiking The Uinta Mountains”

  1. Looks like a tiny bit of snow left up there too. Hiked North Fork same weekend, but haven’t been up higher yet.

  2. Thanks for the comment, sounds like you had a nice hike as well! Temps were fantastic up top, upper 50’s with a littl cloud cover, made for some really nice improvised day sliding on the ol’ day pack in the snow fields;)

    You’ll have to check back later next week, taking of tomorrow for a 6 day 60 mile float down the Green thru Stillwater Canyon…can’t wait to get off the grid for a few days-

    Be Well

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