I Know..It’s Been Awhile, But Ski Season Is Here Again

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here and there really is no excuse, ok maybe a few, but rest assured Freeskier41 is back on the scene.  Before we delve back into ski season, I think we need recap  a few super sic trips that were made across the great state of Utah and beyond after the epic Green River Trip.

I managed to play several more stellar rounds of mediocre golf at Soldier Hallow over in Midway as well as take in two more just stellar shows in Pearl Jam and the Black Crowes.

A gaggle of us also managed enough strength to make it down to the Moab Music Festival to see the great Peter Rowan. As a big proponent of Karma, we ended up with just a gem of a campsite at Devils Garden inside Arches National Park. The starry night was filled with our laughter and the gentle strums of a worn six string as the moon rose over the greatest desert landscape in the country. Sunday was no slouch either, we rallied well after a night of running around the desert like children with no care to rafting 12 miles of the Colorado river for a nice November day float, life isn’t to bad for Freeskier41!

I capped the summer off with chasing the Yeti to Jackson Hole Wyoming looking for some early stashes of snow. I hadn’t been up to Wyoming since the new tram was installed at Teton Village and I must tell you it’s impressive. The very sight of the sic terrain made my mouth water with anticipation for the upcoming ski season!  The trip was also filled with some very cool historical moments as an unforgettable night was spent roaming the Hostel, the very one that gave birth to the now infamous Jackson Hole Air Force.

This summer was just another testament to why I, nor for that fact anyone ever leave the intermountain west, the possibilities regardless of any season are just limitless!

I sincerely wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving  and make sure that if you’re blazeing the slopes of Utah, give me a shout, I’d love to make a few turns with you!


~ by pcpowderhound on November 25, 2009.

One Response to “I Know..It’s Been Awhile, But Ski Season Is Here Again”

  1. I bet a dollar that Pearl Jam would have been a great show.

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