A River Runnin’ Summer !

After a nice five month break, it’s time to reconnect and get back on the blogging grid! This summer I took /earned one of the best jobs I’ve had in a very long time. The summer was spent  river guiding with Mackey River Wilderness Trips.

The journey began at the end of  May with some friends and I  running the Locsa followed by an epic early season Middle Fork trip. The Middle Fork trip is worth of a little more detail as the water at put in was running at 5.8ft. By the second day of the trip, the river spiked to 9.0 ft and was roaring at near biblical proportions! The trip was filled with raging storms, cold weather, mind-boggling white water and a sense of relief for having made it safely back to dry land.

June was a time for parting ways with friends in Salmon, ID and adventuring  to Stanley, ID to meet my new employer.  Under the instruction of one great owner / operator and some insanely good guides I managed to survive and successfully push down  the Middle Fork three times and  complete six trips down the wonderful and glorious Main Salmon. The first few trips were filled with a lot of learning,  moments pure brilliance on the water and quit a few moments of  “what the hell is that guy doing”!

By the end of the season I was pushing like a champ and still finding “holes” pretty much deliberately, breaking down camp, cooking, socializing and overall running on a river  like a man on a mission. Our gusts were always great and the company of folks I worked with was fantastic.  Words will never describe the bonds you have with a group of people who rely on each other to run a safe and fun river trip and can fix anything with almost nothing!  Trust me we cooked five nights of meals that were deemed fantastic by our gusts, having forgotten 9lbs of butter;) …..we could do almost anything!

Leaves got lighter and the water got lower, the season had come to an end. Too many unbelievable memories to write about, but will not ever be forgotten.  I often think about the people I worked with this summer, mostly with a smile and a chuckle. Old man winter rapidly descends on me back here in Park City and the hills are calling my name.

I embrace the snow with a bigger smile this season knowing now what it will bring me next summer.

June Middle Fork Prep

Middle Fork Put In Early June

The Mighty Middle Fork

Middle Fork June 2010

The Crew

The crew

Leaving Stanley, ID  : End of Season


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3 Responses to “A River Runnin’ Summer !”

  1. excellent post thanks for keeping us up to date. Looks like you had an great summer. Brings back memories of my 2 summers running the Gunnison River in Colorado. Skicat56

  2. Skicat56! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! Things are good here, summer was amazing and now hunkered down in Park City with a job @ The Canyons and 2 days bagged thus far skiing the back country of the Uinta Mountains….I seriously can’t complain;)

  3. watsup
    nice blog…its funny looks the same as mine and you also loving the rafting and the snow, great minds must think alike.
    i was just wondering if you could help me in finding a rafting job in the states in summer time as i know its a bit late for the winter skiing. Im a qualified river guide and im also a ski and snowboard instructor. I see you at park city this season a few of my mates from South Africa are there aswell this season Ruebin Storbick in the piston bull grooming the park and I think Andrew is a lifty..if you come across them say watsup 4 me…
    so if you please maybe drop me a few contacts or any info it will be mostly appreciated.
    Thanks alot
    One Love
    P.S if you wana come ski or raft in south africa let me know i can see wat i can do.

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