– Lucky Fucker –

In This Oh Sweet Life, We’re Comin’ in From the Cold”

Well it’s been a month since I’ve been here, sometimes you just need a little reprieve to go out and live!  In this last month, I experienced a rolled truck, (en route to skiing of course), great powder day in Montana, two epic powder days at the mother ship, ski day with the ex-wife and her boyfriend, watched both my little guys move off the beginner hill and into the terrain park, the sad news that a woman who holds a special place in my heart became terminally ill and the continuation of a lovely lass from the North Country  unknowingly breaking down my self inflicted barriers, making me smile in way that hasn’t happened in years. Reflecting on the month, I just have to crack a smile and know that I am truly a “Lucky Fucker” !

The snow conditions in this last month have been all over the map. Adventuring to Montana at he end of February, I found 20″ of that newly fallen love out at Bridger Bowl. That little journey parlayed itself into an epic 38″ dump here at home that provided two epic days of powder running! March has brought about longer days and some wonderful bluebird, t-shirt wearing, groomed bombing adventures! With no real snow in the forecast, hazardous conditions in the back country, I have embraced the warm weather and contentedness of skiing at high-speed giggling like a little kid!

New adventures await just around the corner! With a tank full of gas and more gear packed than a saturday gear swap,  Melissa is ready to hit the road!  This next adventure will take me 3,700 miles in five days, cover 4 ski resorts and a border crossing.  Should be a Sping Ski Fling for the books and as a bonus, I get to visit a plethora of long time friends from past and present skiing and river adventures.

Sometimes when I don’t things can get better, I just wait a month and they get better… I know I’m a “Lucky Fucker” –

Big Sky Country

Big Sky Country

Bridger Bowl

Storm Chaseing @ Canyons

Sun Over the Ridge

Bluebird Spoon!

Bluebird Spoon!


~ by pcpowderhound on March 15, 2012.

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